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The Angel Women's Loan Fund - Wahine Pūtea -  offers three different types of loans for women in the Nelson-Tasman-Marlborough regions who are NZ residents:

  • Business Loans for start up or expansion.

  • Training/Education Loans that provide funds towards a course or training.

  • Workplace Loans that provide funds towards entering or returning to the workforce.

The maximum amount for a loan is normally $1,500.00, though in exceptional circumstances we consider loans of up to $2,000.


Please note that the trustees generally meet on the third Friday of each month. Applicants need to send their applications to the Trustees at least two weeks before each meeting so that the Trustees have enough time to consider them.


If the application is straight forward, the Trustees are able to discuss it at the meeting, and someone would be in touch with the applicant afterwards to arrange an interview, or to tell the applicant that their application was unsuccessful and why.


Please read through our loan policies below if you are considering applying for a loan.

Our Business Loans 

Business loan applications can range from Cottage Industries to Consultancy Firms or wanting to promote a Rock Star! Women who require a business loan usually show motivation and innovation and a great longing to fulfill their dreams.  If you reside in Nelson, Tasman or Marlborough and are a NZ resident the Nelson Angel Women’s Loan Fund may be able to help you get started. The Fund has a flexible lending policy but most loans are between $250 and $1500.

1. It is preferable for a woman or women who want a loan to set up a business to have first completed a Small Business Course, and have a business plan plus a cash flow forecast as evidence of the viability of the proposed scheme.

2. If your proposed business is a very small one, the above points are still desirable but not absolutely necessary.              However, you should still be able to provide a document that supports your application with points such as:

 - A description of your proposed business.

​ - A list of all expenses/costs such as materials, labour advertising, etc.

​ - A list of any incoming money, e.g. other loans or savings that may help your business get started.

​ - How many units/products/services you think you can sell over what period of time.

​ - How much you would charge for your product or service.

​ - A note saying whether you need to abide by any regulations/bylaws or require any licences.

3 A woman or women who want money to expand a business should have financial records of the commercial activity, letters of support (if appropriate) and an updated Business Plan. Click Here to download our One Page Business Plan.

Our Training/Education Loans

The Nelson Angel Women’s Loan Fund – Wahine Putea accepts applications for loans from women residing in the Nelson, Tasman, or Marlborough regions who are NZ residents for the purposes of training or education.

1. All women should have a clear idea of how they are going to repay the loan. It is expected that all loans are repaid    within twelve months of receiving the loan.

2. In some cases, the approved loan money may be paid direct to the institution providing the training/education.

3. With your application please provide a description of the training or educational opportunity. A brochure/pamphlet or  publicity material would be helpful.

4. Please provide an official quote/cost of the course/training you are seeking a loan for.

5. Women may be contacted by a Nelson Angel Women’s Loan Fund Trustee after attending the course.

Our Workplace Loans

A workplace loan is for women who are seeking financial help to enter or return to the workforce. This can be a challenging time for women whose confidence, skills and chances of successfully finding work may be boosted with the aid of a loan from The Nelson Angel Women’s Loan Fund - Wahine Pūtea.


For example, a loan could be for paying for professional help to create a CV, to pay for directed coaching to help women gain confidence or help to tease out their skill set, or perhaps to help pay for travel to an interview. The trustees are open to other suggestions if applicants can convince them it will help in their search for gaining or re-entering employment.


The trustees will carefully check an applicant’s ability to pay the loan back in case she isn’t successful in finding employment, as they do not want to overburden her.

  • If you are applying for a loan, you must have a clear plan around how you are going to repay the loan. The trustees expect that women repay loans within twelve to eighteen months of receiving the loan, depending on the loan amount.

  • With your application, please provide a detailed description of the type of work or positions you are looking for.

  • Please provide evidence that you have been actively looking for work. Supporting evidence from WINZ that you are searching for work could be useful.

  • Please give clear details in your application about what you need the money for, how much it is going to cost and also explain how this product or service is going to help you find work.

  • In some cases, the fund may pay the approved loan money directly to the business providing the product or service.

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Application Form

The application form for all types of loans is downloadable here.

Please, either print and complete in full then return to the updated address as shown on this website, or download, fill it in and email the completed form back to us. Please note our updated phone number is now 020 496 4999 if you need to text us.

As detailed above, the Trustees generally meet on the third Friday of each month and decide about granting loans then, though this depends on when they receive the application. Someone from NAWLF will contact each applicant as soon as possible after this meeting and may arrange an interview for which you must be readily available.


A successful applicant will receive their funds immediately after they sign the contract. A Trustee will contact an unsuccessful applicant giving reasons why they were turned down, and offering support or recommendations.

See our Notes For Borrowers form to gain a better understanding of the loan process.

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