Meet the Angels


Left to right: Sharon Johnston, Merle Moffit, Tricia Stuart. Tracey Castleton, Lynne Ehau

Missing: Celia Dasler, Koa Saxby, Pam Williams, Lynnette Larsen


Celia Dasler

 Angel Trustee

Celia is a Financial Adviser who  joined the Angels in 2020, bringing experience and sound financial oversight to the Trustees team.

Pam Williams

Angel Trustee

Pam joined the Angels in 2013 after retiring from a career in education: teaching, advising, and promoting education through NGO's and community groups. Pam has a special interest in supporting women to become more independent.


lynne-ehau-nelson-womens-angel-fund (2).

Lynne Ehau

Angel Trustee

Lynne is a retired primary school teacher who has also worked as a second language teacher. She has been involved in business with her husband and is a member of Soroptimists, an organisation which helps to empower women.


Merle Moffitt

Angel Committee Member

Merle is a retired hospice nurse and beekeeper and was 
an Angel trustee for over ten years. Merle has stepped into a committee role and still gets a buzz out of empowering women to become stronger and more independent.


Lynnette Larsen

Angel Trustee

Lynnette joined the Angel team in 2021 and is keen to contribute to the activities of the Loan Fund.  

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Koa Saxby

Angel Committee Member

Koa moved to Marahau in 2015 after many years involvement with community groups in Christchurch.  She supports the Angels with financial expertise and has good contacts with similar social organisations. 

Koa is inspired by what women can achieve with a small loan that supports their moving towards their goals in education or generating income.  


Tricia Stuart

Angel ex -Trustee

Tricia moved to Nelson in 2017 and joined the NAWLF board at the beginning of 2018. She has now moved to Blenheim, working as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice. She continues to support the trustees with her knowledge and skills.


Sharon Johnston

Angel Trustee

Sharon Johnston has been a trustee of NAWLF since 2018. She is also Secretary and Co-Convenor of the Nelson Women's Centre and a volunteer for Hospice Nelson.


Tracey Castleton

Angel ex-Trustee

Tracey joined NAWLF in 2019 after learning about the amazing work they do to support and empower women in this community.  Tracey was inspired by the dreams they fund with the help of generous donations they receive.